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Composite Panels

Kent Roofing Services work with a range of composite materials.

Corregated Panels

Kent Roofing Services can provide corrugated panel solutions.

Roof sheets are an excellent alternative to traditional roofing materials.  Kent Roofing Services most commonly work with corrugated metal roof sheets, composite panel sheets, and polycarbonate roof sheets but various alternatives including different sizes, colors and thicknesses can be used.  Contact us to discuss the best solutions for your project.

Roofing sheets can be used on residential properties, garages and agricultural buildings.

Agricultural buildings are a frequent use of roofing sheets because of the large area of roof that needs covering and this hugely speeds up the installation time.  Transparent polycarbonate sheets can also allow light in and, as such, save the need for electrical lighting. They also have advantages in that they retain heat in the winter but reduce heat absorption in the Summer.

Industrial buildings can also benefit from roof sheets because of their quick and easy methods of installation and high strength.

Garden outbuildings, sheds, garages and conservatories can also make good use of roof sheets as they allow daylight into the building, but also retaining heat and are a very cost-effective solution.

What are the advantages of roof sheets?

1. Easy and quick installation.  Because of their size they can be quickly installed and save time compared to a traditional roof installation due to their large size. And they require less fixings and so they are more straight forward.

2. Low cost as labour costs are kept to a minimum as they are so quick to install.

3. Long life span.  Roofing sheets are often durable and very corrosion resistant.  Metal roof sheets are often coated.  They can also be chemically treated to prevent organic matter such as algae from developing.

4. They are very versatile.  Roofing sheets can be used for all types of installation for a range of different types of buildings.  You can get different colours, thicknesses and sizes that can give you the finish you desire

5. Lightweight.  Roofing sheets are very lightweight compared to roofing tiles. This also helps handling and installation.

6. Efficient drainage.  Because roof sheets are usually corrugated, the shape allows water to run-off.

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The Shapes of Roof Sheets

  • Corrugated roof sheets

These are the ‘wiggly’ polycarbonate sheets that are often found on shed roofs and  give additional strength and impact resistance and stand up well to adverse weather.  They also allow effective water runoff.  Corrugated roof sheets should overlap by at least one corrugation.

  • Flat roof sheets

If you want a clean and linear finish, flat  roof sheets are a clean and minimalistic choice and are also easy and quick to install

  • Box profile roof sheets

Box profile roof sheets are similar to corrugated sheet solutions in that there are peaks and troughs, but instead of being consist of sharper, linear edges giving them strength and the ability to withstand impact.  They also have a favoured appearance.

Polycarbonate roofing can be  

  • Single sheets
  • Twin wall i.e. double layered sheets
  • Triple wall i.e 3 layers of sheets
  • Multiwalled roof sheets  – anywhere up to 7 layers

The more layers there are, the greater the insulation and strength, of the roof allowing you to cover larger areas.

When it comes to working out the quantity of roof cladding you need, whether it’s corrugated roof sheets, box profile roofing sheets or Tile Form roof cladding sheets, our handy roofing calculator will do the hard work for you. 


How to cut roofing sheets

It depends on what type of roofing sheet you are cutting. 

Polycarbonate roofing sheets can be c cut with circular saw or jigsaw because the properties of polycarbonate means it won’t splinter around the cut. 

Single metal roof sheets can be cut with electric shears or nibblers.


Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are available in a range of thicknesses and styles to fit your roof perfectly. They can also be designed to allow a certain amount of daylight in. They are a waterproof, durable and strong roof option.

Metal Roof Sheeting

Metal roofing sheets are lightweight and hardwearing metals.  They can also be coated with zinc or PVC to ensure corrosion resistance.  The metal roof sheets can also have a variety of styles and be produced to look like traditional tiles.  To prevent condensation occurring the roof and building should be well ventilated and have efficient drainage.

Composite Roof Sheeting

This is a simple sandwich of a metal outer sheet with an insulation filler covered with an internal liner.  They both insulate and clad the roof and can be used on a roof with a pitch from 4 degrees so that it has a slight fall for water drainage.  They are easy and quick to install and have excellent thermal properties with very low air leakage.  They also prevent condensation and loss of thermal insulation across the seams.

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