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Kent Roofing Services can be called upon to sort your leaking roof, clear your gutters, repair work to a chimney, or replace broken tiles.  We can carry out repairs in high up and hard to access areas.

With over 20 years experience in Roof Repairs we can offer a stress-free service and will be able to identify your repair and give you a genuine and reliable response. As an Associate of the Institute of roofing you can count on getting the professional expertise you’re looking for.

Examples of our roof repair work


Common requests for Kent Roofing services includes

  • Renewing valleys
  • Repairing chimney stacks and pots
  • Replacing broken or misplaced tiles
  • Flat roof repairs
  • Identifying and fixing roof leaks
  • Repairing or replacing leadwork and flashings
  • Renewing old pointing and flaunchings
  • Clearing and repairing guttering and downpipes
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All roofs at some point are likely to need repairing particularly if they are affected by severe adviser weather.  The roof can also be damaged by falling debris e.g. tree branches or animals. It could also be a result of a very old property that has experienced a lengthy amount of weathering.

Kent Roofing Services are happy to offer free, no obligation quotations for your roofing repair needs. There are no hidden costs and we are recognised and being honest and transparent about the roofing services we can offer.

Roof repairs are more common with flat roofs as they tend to have a shorter life span.  You can repair flat roofs yourself but it is also best to get a professional roofer to inspect it and recommend the work to be done.

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    How to repair roof felt

    If you have a split in your roof felt, you can fix this by placing a piece of felt underneath.

    You should first list up the piece of felt with the tear and spray roof sealant underneath following the manufacturer’s instructions.  Then cut an appropriately sized piece of felt and place it underneath the rip and slide into place and stick it down.   Then press the felt down and spray sealant along all the joints.

    This should be completed every year to key an eye out for small signs of damage that can be caught before the repair becomes too expensive!

    Temporary Roof Tile Repair

    If you are unable to get a professional out to make a roof tile repair straight away, you can make a temporary repair that will work until we are able to get to you using a flashing strip.

    If using a traditional ladder ensure this has a  stand-off bracket and rest it against the wall rather than the guttering.  Roof ladders can also be used.For more extensive repairs, scaffolding must be assembled

    Ensure the roof tile is clean and dry using a wire brush to clear any dust and then apply some flashing strip primer to the cracked area.  Remove the backing paper from a flashing strip cut to size and apply over the crack.

    Replacing Broken Roof Tiles

    The roof is covered with horizontal strips of wood called battends.  A roof tile has nibs Roof tiles are usually just hooked in place on nibs that hook over the wooden batten and hold the tile in position which can then be fixed down with nails or clips.  If it is nailed down you will need to cut if free with a cutting tool called a ripper first.  If more than one tile is broken remove the highest one first.  Tilt the highest broken one sideways to separate it and then lift off the broken tiles below it. When placing the tiles back, start with the lowest one and work from right to left, hooking the knobs over the batten as each one is put in place.
    For the last tile to place you will need to lift the tiles both sides and wiggle the new tile into place until it hooks over the batten.
    Move to the next course up. When you get to the last tile you’ll need to raise the lower edge of the tile above, and slide the new tile under the ones on either side. This can be a bit awkward – but if you shift the tile from left to right, it should slot into place.

    If your roof tile is slate, these are all nailed to the battens below. Alternatively, you can make a temporary repair by using a flashing strip and contact Kent Roofing Services to complete it professionally.


    How to Replace a Roof Slate

    This will need to be down with a metal strip and gloves should be worn.. Removing broken slates can be tricky. As all of the tiles are nailed down you will need to use a cutting tool called a ripper that can be hires.  Remove the broken slate very carefully as it has broken edges that are sharp being extra careful not to allow any to fall to the ground as this could be extremely dangerous!  The metal strip should be cut with snips so that it is longer than the slate tile by around 120mm.  Fix this metal strip underenath the join between the two slate tiles above into the wooden batten using a clout nail

    Slide the replacement slate under the two slates in the course above, with the bevelled edge facing outwards and the bottom edge of the tile lined 

    Up wit the otehr slates in taht row.  Bend the end of the metal strip up and over the bottom edge of the new slate, and press it down flat.

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