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Chimneys experience a lot of adverse weather and need to withstand a variety of conditions and it is a good idea to regularly inspect them.  The quicker the problem is identified and fixed, the less significant and expensive it will be. 

Chimney repair can be required on the brickwork, stonework, mortar or lead flashing or may involve a combination of all of these.  Chimneys need to be re-pointed if mortar is damaged as there will be nothing to hold the brickwork together and it can just crumble away and leave the brick and stone work.

Although you may get your chimney swept regularly as suggested (once a year) flue, most people fail to inspect their chimney and carry out maintenance  until there is a major failure. Small cracks high up on the roof can be difficult to spot.

If left too long, damage can become serious. The chimney structure becomes increasingly weakened and vulnerable to storm damage, leaks occur and the rest of the building structure becomes vulnerable to water damage; and problems become increasingly expensive to fix.

Some regular maintenance such as repointing the mortar and repairing any weakened bricks can help prevent bigger problems.

Typical chimney repairs and maintenance that we undertake includes:

  • Replacing or repairing dislodged bricks
  • Chimney repointing and repairing mortar 
  • Replacing damaged chimney pots
  • Fixing damaged lead flashings
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Chimney Inspection Checklist 

This should be completed every year to key an eye out for small signs of damage that can be caught before the repair becomes too expensive!

Pointing and Failing Mortar Joints

If the mortar joint is breaking down, moisture can get into the chimney. As the moisture freezes and it expands and contracts with the changing weather the mortar will fail and can cause collapse of the chimney.

Brickwork and stone

Is this damaged or missing or is spalling occurring?  Spalling is a result of water getting into the brick of the chimney and can cause it to crack.

Metal work

Check for any signs of rust that could have resulted from moisture/  Pay particular attention to the firebox and damper.  If the flue becomes damaged and the flue lining is destroyed a fire can result in the flu lining because of the build up of heat.  If the rust is minimal it can be temporarily repaired but it will need regular inspection and replacement when it eventually wears away completely.

Damp or leaking on walls

If moisture has leaked through the chimney breast it may show up on the wallpaper or paint as discoloration or water damage.  In this case you must repair the chimney before using it again.

Chimney crowns and pots

Are these damaged?  Do they have cracks?  Aim to inspect your chimney twice a year to check for this damage as this could result in pieces falling down from the roof and causing accidental damage or injury or moisture problems.


This can indicate the growth of organic matter i.e. vegetation growth or algae.  It can also be a result of a damaged flue lining causing heat to reach areas it should not or damp issues.

Debris in the fireplace

This could be a result of the tiled flue lining degrading and breaking off and falling down the chimney.  This is also known as Shaling.


What is Chimney pointing?

This is otherwise known as the mortar used to fill the gaps between the stones or bricks.  And will set them in place.  Flexible mortar is best to allow movement in expansion and contraction due to changes in heat.  Kent roofing services can repoint your chimney properly with flexible mortar to allow it to last many more years.

How much does chimney repair cost?

The longer you leave the problem the once it has been identified the more significant the damage will become and the blogger the repair costs.  Contact us to explain your needs and damage and we can advise on an approximate figure.  We can then visit to provide a free no-obligation quote.

Water damage causing cracking from continued expansion and contraction with changing temperatures if often the biggest problem for chimney structures.  Inspect your chimney regularly and look for the tale-telling signs of this.

Is chimney repair covered by home insurance

It can be.  You will need to check the specific details of your home insurance policy or give them a quick call.

Can you repair a chimney leak?

Yes.  Quite often the fault is down to the leadwork abutment to the main roof and so this will involve lead repair work.  This includes renewing and redressing the leadwork into chases.

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