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Painted and Renewed with uPVC or traditional wood.


Cleaned or replaced with uPVC, steel or cast iron.


Cleaned or replaced with uPVC or traditional wood.


PVC or Polyester Powder Coated Aluminium

The fascia board is the one mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the house and is often called the roofline. However most people refer to it by the name of the main board that carries the gutter – the fascia.


The fascia board is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. The fascia is fixed directly to the lower ends of the roof trusses and usually does all the work of supporting the lower edge of the bottom row of tiles. The fascia board also carries all the guttering. 

This is no mean feat, especially when it is raining hard. In a downpour the roof of a 3-bed semi could be washing several gallons of water per second into its gutters.

The descriptions uPVC, PVCu and PVC ue are often used to describe PVC fascias, soffits and bargeboards. You probably know what PVC means. The “u” stands for “unplasticised”, meaning that it isn’t a pliable PVC like some kids toys etc, and the “e” stands for “expanded”. Expanded or foamed PVC produces a light, strong board that is thicker than an equivalent rigid PVC board.

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Are fascia boards necesssary?

Yes and No because are a vertical part of boxing in the roofing.  They are an ideal substrate for holding the bracket for the guttering.  Without fascia board, you will see the rafter ends which can be painted for a rustic decorative effect.

How much does it cost?

This will depend on the system required and the property

Are fascia boards treated?

Timber boards are treated to prevent them from rotting and degrading.  Most fascia boards on a new property is uPVC and so is maintenance-free and remains durable.


This is the board that is used on the gable end of a house. The condition of the bargeboard can often make or break the look of a house, and over the years it has evolved into some very attractive shapes.


The soffit board is tucked away under the fascia board. It is usually the board that you see most of from street level. The soffit can be ventilated to allow the flow of air into the roof area. Alternatively, ventilation can be provided over the top of the fascia board. Many people prefer the latter solution these days. Without adequate ventilation, condensation will form in the roof void increasing the risk of timber decay.


The Box End is a work of art, accommodating as it does the many different angles, planes and heights of the fascia, soffit and bargeboard at each corner of the house where there is a gable end.


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