Flat roof inspection frequency and checklist

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Kent Roofing Services offers cost effective and high performance single ply PVC membranes and waterproofing products to properties throughout Kent.


Traditional felt based systems.

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Ultraflex is a glass fibre reinforced liquid applied modified polyurethane flat roofing system which provides the ideal membrane for household and commercial use.


All parts of a building benefit from care and regular checks:
We Recommend
– Limited access unless the roof is designed for it. If occasional access is required, e.g. for window cleaning, make sure that temporary boards are used unless the roof surface is designed to accept it.
- Inspection twice a year, in March and November.Try to do one inspection soon after rain, to see how well the water is draining away.
Before attempting any inspection, please ensure that access is safe, and that if a ladder is necessary it is well secured. If you are unsure use a Competent Person. If you are unsure of the condition of the deck, do not step onto the roof.
Some of the these items can be rectified by the Householder, for example; 
Check gutter and outlets are free from debris
Others may need checking such as:
- Puddles and blisters – the householder will need to record the size and position to assess whether they are getting larger.
 – Check upstand and adjacent details for problems.
Some will need to be checked and reported to the contractor if there are any signs of failure:
 Protective finish (remedy bare patches as necessary)  Upstands and flashing (check condition)
 Joints (check condition)
 Edge Trims (check condition)
 Sagging of decks and/or joists (check condition)
It is important that any failure of these details is reported to the contractor to avoid any subsequent water
ingress and the temptation to do-it-yourself as this may invalidate any guarantee

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